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201. School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton (RKBExplorer) http://southampton.rkbexplorer.com/sparql about 1 hour ago
202. Semantic Universe Data http://data.semanticuniverse.com/sparql about 1 hour ago
203. Semantic Web Dog Food Corpus http://data.semanticweb.org/sparql about 1 hour ago
204. SentimentWortschatz http://mlode.nlp2rdf.org/sparql about 1 hour ago
205. SmartLink: Linked Services Non-Functional Properties http://smartlink.open.ac.uk/smartlink/sparql about 1 hour ago
206. Social Networks and Archival Context Fall 2011 http://socialarchive.iath.virginia.edu/sparql/snac-viaf about 1 hour ago
207. Social Networks and Archival Context Fall 2011 http://socialarchive.iath.virginia.edu/sparql/eac about 1 hour ago
208. Social Semantic Web Thesaurus http://vocabulary.semantic-web.at/PoolParty/sparql/semweb about 1 hour ago
209. Street level crime reports for England and Wales http://crime.rkbexplorer.com/sparql about 1 hour ago
210. Sudoc bibliographic data http://sparql.sindice.com/sparql about 1 hour ago
211. TCGA Roadmap http://agalpha.mathbiol.org/repositories/tcga about 1 hour ago
212. Taiwan geographic names http://pomelo.iis.sinica.edu.tw:2020/sparql about 1 hour ago
213. TaxonConcept Knowledge Base http://lsd.taxonconcept.org/sparql about 1 hour ago
214. Technische Universität Darmstadt (RKBExplorer) http://darmstadt.rkbexplorer.com/sparql about 1 hour ago
215. The Eurostat Linked Data http://eurostat.linked-statistics.org/sparql about 1 hour ago
216. TheSoz Thesaurus for the Social Sciences (GESIS) http://lod.gesis.org/thesoz/sparql about 1 hour ago
217. Traditional Korean Medicine Ontology http://tkm.kiom.re.kr/ontology/joseki about 1 hour ago
218. Traditional Korean Medicine Ontology http://tkm.kiom.re.kr/ontology/sparql about 1 hour ago
219. Transcription profiling of human, chimp and mouse brain http://purl.org/twc/arrayexpress/virtuoso/sparql about 1 hour ago
220. Transcription profiling of mouse cell types and tissues (GNF/Novartis) http://purl.org/twc/arrayexpress/virtuoso/sparql about 1 hour ago
221. Transcription profiling of rat bladder after inoculation with bladder cancer cells http://purl.org/twc/arrayexpress/virtuoso/sparql about 1 hour ago
222. Transparency International Linked Data http://transparency.270a.info/sparql about 1 hour ago
223. Turismo de Zaragoza http://www.zaragoza.es/turruta/sparql about 1 hour ago
224. UK JISC (RKBExplorer) http://jisc.rkbexplorer.com/sparql about 1 hour ago
225. UN/LOCODE (RKBExplorer) http://unlocode.rkbexplorer.com/sparql about 1 hour ago
226. UNESCO Nomenclature for fields of science and technology http://skos.um.es/sparql about 1 hour ago
227. UNODC - Statistics on criminal justice http://unodc.publicdata.eu/sparql about 1 hour ago
228. URIBurner http://linkeddata.uriburner.com/sparql about 1 hour ago
229. UniProt UniParc http://beta.sparql.uniprot.org about 1 hour ago
230. UniProt UniPathway http://beta.sparql.uniprot.org/ about 1 hour ago
231. UniProt UniRef http://beta.sparql.uniprot.org about 1 hour ago
232. UniProtKB http://beta.sparql.uniprot.org about 1 hour ago
233. UniProtKB Taxonomy http://beta.sparql.uniprot.org about 1 hour ago
234. University of Newcastle upon Tyne (RKBExplorer) http://newcastle.rkbexplorer.com/sparql about 1 hour ago
235. Università degli studi di Roma "La Sapienza" (RKBExplorer) http://roma.rkbexplorer.com/sparql about 1 hour ago
236. Università di Pisa (RKBExplorer) http://pisa.rkbexplorer.com/sparql about 1 hour ago
237. Universität Ulm (RKBExplorer) http://ulm.rkbexplorer.com/sparql about 1 hour ago
238. Université Paul Sabatier - Toulouse 3 (RKB Explorer) http://irit.rkbexplorer.com/sparql about 1 hour ago
239. Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas (RKBExplorer) http://kaunas.rkbexplorer.com/sparql about 1 hour ago
240. Web NDL Authorities - National Diet Library of Japan http://id.ndl.go.jp/auth/ndla/ about 1 hour ago
241. Web Science Conference (RKBExplorer) http://webscience.rkbexplorer.com/sparql about 1 hour ago
242. WikiPathways http://sparql.wikipathways.org/ about 1 hour ago
243. WordNet (RKBExplorer) http://wordnet.rkbexplorer.com/sparql about 1 hour ago
244. World Atlas of Language Structuctures (WALS) Online http://mlode.nlp2rdf.org/sparql about 1 hour ago
245. World Bank Linked Data http://worldbank.270a.info/sparql about 1 hour ago
246. World Loanword Database http://mlode.nlp2rdf.org/sparql about 1 hour ago
247. Yovisto - academic video search http://sparql.yovisto.com/ about 1 hour ago
248. aksw.org Research Group dataset http://aksw.org/sparql about 1 hour ago
249. crm http://crm.rkbexplorer.com/sparql about 1 hour ago
250. data.open.ac.uk, Linked Data from the Open University http://data.open.ac.uk/query about 1 hour ago